Want to know how you can help?

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Want to know how you can help?

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About us
The Father’s Rights Movement is a collective group of men and women that advocate for family law reform. We are a Guidestar Rated volunteer staffed 501c3 nonprofit organization (IRS Filings) whose members span the globe and represent a diverse population of both mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, siblings, and friends of those negatively impacted by our current family law systems. The TFRM Board of Directors' goal is to keep the focus of TFRM on our Mission Statement; to advocate family law reform in the best interests of our children.

Though our name may state father’s rights, our movement is truly focused on the children’s rights to equal access to and equal relationships with both fit and loving parents. TFRM’s main focus is on advocating a rebuttable presumption of 50/50 physical custody. While our current focus is narrow, TFRM is aware of numerous challenges in the current family law system, including parental alienation, false allegations, Title IV-D, enforcement of parenting time, child support, and many other family law concerns.

TFRM began as a social movement, and in recent years of extreme growth, the organization has begun to make strides in providing support, resources and meaningful advocacy . The Crisis line was one of the first services provided to the members of TFRM, at no cost. Through this crisis line trained volunteers with TFRM help those in emotional crisis every single day. Pro Se parents now have access to a Pro Se library and resources to assist in navigating the legal process. TFRM publishes a newsletter to update members on important news and announcements. Discussion boards and a forum specifically for anonymously communicating and creating a support community have also been added to TFRM’s available services, that are always at no cost to our members. TFRM has begun using legislative trackers and marketing systems to begin notifying our members when we need their help to get the laws passed.

What does it mean to be a member? How do you join TFRM?
If you are an advocate for family law reform, you are already a member of TFRM. To gain access to our resources, please follow "The Fathers' Rights Movement" and "The (your state) Fathers' Rights Movement" on Facebook. Also, please sign up for local legislative updates and calls to action here.
Sign Up Form

How do I sign up for the newsletter?
Simply complete the signup information and you will start receiving TFRM newsletters as they are published.

How do I get involved and help TFRM?
There are lots of ways to get involved. TFRM is a volunteer-based organization and we are always looking for those wanting to help. We have volunteers that run our social media platforms, admin our community forum, prepare training materials, research laws, handle crisis line contacts, IT support, Marketing, Legislative Leads, and numerous other activities. If you have a specialized skill set that is not listed here or on the volunteer job availability, TFRM is likely still looking for you. Volunteer today by submitting a resume to info@tfrm.us.

TFRM provides services and support to our members at zero cost to them. TFRM is only limited to the services we can provide by our budget. Donations are always welcome and appreciated. If you would like to mark your donation for your specific state or country, we can do that also. Simply enter your state or country.

TFRM Swag Store
Looking to show support for TFRM and family law reform? Check out our online store for your official TFRM merchandise.