Crisis Hotline and Resources

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Crisis Hotline and Resources

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The intended use of the TFRM Crisis Hotline is for emotional support for fathers.

We cannot offer legal advice, direction on a case, answer general inquiries, or give attorney recommendations.
Please contact a live person with the TFRM Crisis Hotline if you are feeling hopeless, anxious, depressed, alone, having thoughts of suicide without a plan or any other feelings of intense emotion and feel the need to talk to someone about those emotions.

We can be contacted by phone and text at:


Or by email at:

If you are feeling suicidal with a plan or intent please call 911

If you are seeking advice, direction on a case, lawyer recommendations, or would like to connect with local resources please connect with us here in the appropriate area of the Forum, on Facebook at The Fathers' Rights Movement or on your Chapter page by searching "The (chapter name) Fathers' Rights Movement" in the Facebook search bar.

For general business inquiries please call 907-331-3960 or email