About Us, Forum Rules, Community Standards and User Guide

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About Us, Forum Rules, Community Standards and User Guide

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About us
The Father’s Rights Movement is an organization made up of 600,000 men and women nationwide. As the largest father’s rights organization in the United States, we seek to ensure equal rights for fathers by educating the public of the injustices within family courts, and by enabling fathers with the right tools and resources to fight for equal time with their children.

Before continuing to the rules, guidelines and community standards, please check these resources. Forum Rules, Guidelines and Community Standards
TFRM encourages members to utilize the forum for sharing information, advice, and building a community. Our goal is to give parents an avenue to build the community focused on family law situations. This is your chance to create a support system for parents outside the public view. Veterans of family courts, this is your chance to help create a place that you needed at the beginning of your journey for those that are just entering family courts.

TFRM is not responsible for the individual content or views posted by members. The discussion threads, advice, or opinions posted are not necessarily condoned by or endorsed by TFRM. Members must use caution and common sense when utilizing the forum, including taking advice from other members. Posts that violate the community standards should be reported to the admins immediately.

Interacting with this forum means you agree to abide by the community standards listed below. It is strongly suggested that you review this rule document often in the event that it is amended. You also agree that TFRM reserves the right to remove posts, move posts, temporarily ban or permanently ban individuals who are not following the community standards listed below.

Community Standards:

- Family court laws differ by state. Responses from one state may not apply to your state.

- Do not post personal identifying information – examples: name, address, ex’s name

- Keep it clean – though all members are adults, keep the adult language off the forum

- Be Respectful - Most individuals find TFRM during a difficult time. Be respectful and helpful when
responding to the posts.
  • Name calling is strictly prohibited
  • Threats are strictly prohibited
  • No trolling
- No attacks – Disagreements will happen, however attacking other members or segments of the population are strictly prohibited. (ex. all moms, all lawyers, all stepparents)

- Screenprints of posts are strictly prohibited by the user agreement and community guidelines. Members found to be screen-printing threads and sharing outside the forum will be immediately banned. Exception - This does not include screenprints sent to admins for reporting community standard violations.

- The purpose of the TFRM Discussion Board is to facilitate helpful, supportive and resourceful communication for the TFRM community. Any user accounts found to operate outside of the goals set forth by TFRM may be removed and permanently banned at the discretion of TFRM. If you believe your posts are being tracked by another user, please report the activity to TFRM staff.

- Use judgement and common sense – Use your personal judgement or common sense when reading advice on the forum. TFRM is not responsible for or able to vet all advice that comes from the individual members of the forum.

- TFRM and its volunteers are not medical professionals and are not qualified to diagnose medical disorders. Members of the open forum may be medical or mental health professionals, however diagnosis of personality, behavior health, or mental conditions cannot properly be done via third party posts or stories. It is TFRM’s stance that no attempts at diagnosing members, children, or ex’s are allowed on the TFRM forum.

- Images – edit or remove all personal identifying information from images posted. Examples of personal identifying information include, but are not limited to:
  • Phone numbers
  • Profile photos
  • Names
  • SSN
  • Driver’s License numbers
  • File numbers
  • Dates of birth
- If your post covers multiple topics (ie, you have questions on child support, alienation and domestic abuse), use your best judgement to post in the area most suited to hold the discussion. If a moderator feels the discussion is better suited in a different area of the forum, you will be notified that the post has been moved or cross-posted to that topic.

- Avoid the drama trap – Members are here because they have been negatively impacted by family law. TFRM understands the emotions that come with dealing with family law. However, the forum is not intended as a place to increase the turmoil. The community is meant to be a place of encouragement and support.

- TFRM does not condone nor allow posting of protests. The opposition to family law reform paints an image that TFRM and the shared parenting community is made up of angry fathers. Protests only provide evidence of these claims. TFRM does encourage meetups, community events, campaigns, and gatherings from the shared parenting groups.

- TFRM discourages members from sending their personal information to other members. TFRM is not responsible for any communication or violations of the community standards that happen outside the forum.

- TFRM does not recommend and cannot legally recommend lawyers. All recommendations or reviews are strictly based off community members personal experiences and for educational purposes only.

- TFRM cannot promote political figures. All postings, recommendations, or reviews are based off community members’ personal experience and are for educational purposes only.

- Soliciting members is strictly prohibited. Soliciting members include, but are not limited to:
  • o Selling merchandise
    • Selling services (ex. Lawyer)
    • Advertising (ex. Home business opportunity, other group)
    • Fundraising (ex. Girl Scout Cookies)
    • Go Fund Me – personal or professional
    • Soliciting members to follow or join a non TFRM group, page, or forum
Commonly used acronyms -
  • DD – Dear Daughter
  • DS – Dear Son
  • SD – Step Daughter
  • SS – Step Son
  • BM – Birth Mother
  • BD – Birth Father
  • GD – Granddaughter
  • GS – Grandson
  • GM – Grandmother
  • GF – Grandfather
Please review this user guide to learn more about the features of the forum.
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